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Terms and Conditions, general rules,

Cancellations and payments/refunds


1: If you can't attend a lesson and you let us know by text, call or email with as much notice as possible your lesson in the event of sickness you will still pay for your missed class but you can make up the lesson at another class a different day and time.

2 if you miss a lesson without telling us you will be charged as your place is their for your little one to attend

3: payments are every 1st of the month, at £30

payments must be made by 1st of a month if any later than 7 days after due date a £10 fee will be added late payment charge.

4: If we cancel your lesson you will not be charged a add on lesson will be given

5: The £50 payment made covers you for super gift bag, fridge photo, swim lessons, cakes, juices and stickers

plus all lessons in that month joined.

6:Your instructor will be fully qualified with the STA and hold life saving and first aid training for your health and safety

7:Your class size will be no more than 12 we try to keep them below 10 usually 8-9 but 12 is the maximum 

8: There may well be another swimming class using the same pool as your lesson but they will be from our swim school only

9: you can enrol onto a new born program up to 3 months after then you are a ready steady swim baba and from 2 years a go swimming baba, sometimes ability is put before age 

10: Badges and certificates are given for £5 which is a very small charge for such a memory

12: please take nappies home, please use rubbish bins provided

13:No eating on pool side or changing area is permitted

14: No shoes on pool side or in changing facility

15: If a lesson is cancelled a email, call or text will be provided please ensure we have your mobile number upto date

16: if a super duper teacher is off sick and can't teach a class you will have that lesson added on

17: From time to time you may have another instructor but this will not affect the quality of lessons

18: You must notify your instructor and us of any medical problems, allergy's etc of you and baby

19: if you wish to withdraw your baby temporary or perminatley from their swimming journey due to medical reasons you must provide us with a letter from your GP and a letter from yourself asking us to do so and if returning.

20: Your baby can not enter the water alone another adult parent or family member such as grandma or grandad , sister or brother can enter the water with baby instead

21:If you have a complaint this must be produced in writing via email so it can be dealt with appropriatley

22: No food or drink to be consumed by little one within the hour upto swimming

23:You are advised to shower before and after swimming with your little one

24: You remain responsible for you and your relatives and little ones attending

25:  Payments can be made by bank transfer, why not set up a standing order its easier, cheques are also accpeted as is cash 

26: you must not enter the swimming pool without instruction by your teacher

27: you may take photos of your baby /child during lessons but this must be done with the consent of your group of mums, dads and babies in your class

28: A double nappy system must be used should you turn up without kit/nappies you will not be refuned and can't take part in the lesson

29: if you wish to cancel a course booked onto we will not offer a refund as we were commited and you should be too

30: once you have started your journey no refund will be given enjoy the lessons

31: Cold drink of water may be taken onto pool side 

32: cakes provided and or biscuits and sweeties are available free of charge and vary each week

33: if during your lesson you  or your little one feels unwell please notify your instructor immediatley and eveacute the pool with their help

34: A booking form must be completed prior to you starting your journey at first class or  will be sent on enquiry via email if you complete and email back or complete print and bring with you should you not be able to send back complete spare copies may be kept by the teacher in which you can complete on first lesson before you enter the water

35: please try and be out of the changing facilities no more than 15 minutes after your class finishes to ensure flow of classes and ready for other users to enter the changing areas

36: Please help yourself to cake, drinks, juice, snacks from the bowl provided

37: Please ask your teacher if you have questions about anything

38: Please abide by poolside rules

39: Please let your teacher know if you would like anything from our swimming sensory basket, items must be paid for on the day and taken away

40: Months cancellation is required in writing to end contract with swim babas.

All the above must be agreed on your booking form  Thank you 

Refund policy

No refunds will be given in the event of cancellation, you must be committed before starting your journey. if a class is missed due to us cancelling a session a refund will be issued.